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Emerging Leaders
March 4th, 2015

The London X Conference returns this Saturday March 7th with another unique opportunity for Londoners to participate in city building and help inform the future of our community. At London X Squared, Emerging Leaders will host two strong city builders; Mayor Mike Savage of Halifax and Grant Oliphant of The…

Emerging Leaders
February 4th, 2015

  Opportunities to directly shape the future of a city do not occur often. In London, we’ve been fortunate to have more than a few of these opportunities in recent years. Through Re-think London we’ve shared our visions for the future of our community and seen those visions reflected in…

Emerging Leaders
January 31st, 2015

  Question 1: What is your age? 57.9% of respondents were between 18 and 34. 35.5% were between 35 and 54, and only 6.6% of respondents were over 55. The low percentage of respondents over the age of 55 may be due to the nature of the survey as it…

Emerging Leaders
January 31st, 2015

Emerging Leaders first became involved in this project due to research on using culture as an economic development tool. Urban theorists such as Richard Florida have indicated that cities with high levels of tolerance, often expressed by the presence and satisfaction levels of the local LGBTQ population, are more likely…



February 10th, 2015

Leadership Beyond the Box

Pillar Nonprofit Network
Where: 255 Horton Street, London
Time: 9:00 am
The Leadership Beyond the Box program builds leaders who want to improve themselves, empower people, grow their organization, and succeed in the complex environment in which they operate, while enhancing social good. This program is part of a series...


June 17th, 2015

Cross-Sector Collaboration: Animating Communities in Change

Pillar Nonprofit Network
Where: 251 Dundas St, London
Time: 10:00 am
This is a rare opportunity for our community to learn about the 'cultural animation' technique and explore what the experience is like for all pillars of our community when we work together. How can we be more effective and efficient and work togethe...


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May 29th, 2015
A peacock is still on the loose in the High Park area....
May 29th, 2015
One’s orange, the other’s blue. They’re just two L-shaped lines on a map now, but they could become the backbone of a rapid-transit system in London that would radically change how the city grows. Kate Dubinski breaks down the new proposal to m...
May 29th, 2015
The parking lot is full, shoppers busy sidestepping the stream of vehicles that drive in and out....
May 29th, 2015
It was like a college classroom quiz, but on an airport tarmac....


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