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Alison Deplonty
April 11th, 2014

Last night I had the pleasure of attending The 25th Annual Putname County Spelling Bee at The Grand Theater, thanks to an initiative put together by Emerging Leaders and The Grand to get the conversation going about The Grand’s programming, their appeal to the emerging demographic, and how they can…

African Canadian Federation of London and Area
April 2nd, 2014

ACFOLA’s Youth Empowerment Series (YES) presents: Paving the Road to Success: Be Bold, Speak Up and Reach Out! The Youth Empowerment Series is a forum for young adults to be engaged in lively discussions with each other and potential mentors on various academic, personal and career issues that affect youth…

Emerging Leaders
April 2nd, 2014

Over the last month or so there, has been so much happening in London that re-enforces that our city is strong despite some serious challenges. At Emerging Leaders it has been an amazing month of activity. We held our London X conference where more than 300 Londoners came to share…

Emerging Leaders
March 21st, 2014

Sometimes when we are together we are in fact apart even though we may only be separated by the space of a block, a room, or the space between us on a couch. This space between us is not only physical but can be emotional or psychological and because of…



January 22nd, 2014

Leading for Community Change

Pillar Nonprofit Network
Where: 251 Dundas St, London N6A 6H9
Time: 9:00 am
Maximize your leadership potential to create positive change in your community Expand your leadership abilities by exploring personal, organizational and community leadership strategies. Increase your impact as a leader as you deepen your capacity...


April 12th, 2014

Co-Strategy Program

Pillar Nonprofit Network
Where: 255 Horton St, London
Time: 9:00 am
The Co-Strategy program offers organizations the opportunity to develop a strategic plan that will guide their work over the next three to five years. April 12, 2014, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM May 3, 2014, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Strategic Planning Process ...


April 28th, 2014

Non Profit Career Talk-April

Pillar Nonprofit Network
Where: 251 Dundas St, London
Time: 12:00 pm
Considering a career in the nonprofit sector?  Already working in the nonprofit sector and looking to explore other options? Meet with Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network, for a one-hour group discussion on the 3r...


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April 24th, 2014
They’ve worked hard for years and should be planning for retirement. Instead, thousands of grandparents in Ontario are raising their grandchildren and say they’re not getting enough help from the government to do it....
April 24th, 2014
Look for a lot more soybeans sprouting from Southwestern Ontario soils this spring, as federal forecasts predict record acreages of the farming staple....
April 24th, 2014
After years of paying tuition fees, Western University graduate students want them cut in half once they’re done the bulk of their work....
April 24th, 2014
A three-year-old boy found facedown in a pond last week has been discharged from hospital, police said....


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