15 Coffees Beyond 15 Days

October 28, 2012
By: Chantelle Diachina

Earlier this month I was invited to participate in EL’s 15 coffees in 15 days where community leaders– I’m still humbled at being considered a community leader– made themselves available to meet with members looking for guidance and expand their networks. I immediately responded with “yes” because I saw it as an opportunity to pay it forward. There have been and continue to be many people in my life who say just the right thing at the right time, propelling me into an exciting new direction or they have simply offered comfort in a time of uncertainty. I was excited at the prospect of being part of someone else’s process and as it turned out, I had good reason to be.

The questions participants asked me went beyond the specifics of a career path, they dove deep into matters of the heart and the things you don’t learn in school or from your parents.

“How do I bring my passions and my career together?”

“I’m in a job that I enjoy, but I feel like there something more for me. What do I do?”

“One day I would like to have a family, how do I balance it all?”

“I would like to go in a new direction, but how do I do it?”

“I want to give more back to my community. Where do I start?”

These were juicy, complex questions that only personal experience and introspection could answer and I was elated to help. I was also envious that I didn’t have the same opportunity these young people did. They literally got to sign up to ask such deep questions and get answers!  This is why I feel strongly that EL needs to offer this program more than once a year and if you are considered to be a community leader, you need to participate. I walked away from each and every conversation feeling like I had just received a gift.

Hmmm… I thought I was the one doing the giving.



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