Created by the demographic, for the demographic…

Emerging Leaders (EL) is an incorporated nonprofit focused on the retention, development, and engagement of emerging talent as a means to a more vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic London community for the future. We are passionate about new models of cross-sectoral leadership, mentorship, and the building of bridges and relationships that will benefit talent at all levels. We are also dedicated, steadfastly, to collaboration and innovation, and have made a commitment never to duplicate the efforts of others or to create silos in our community. Get Involved.

Our Mission

To Attract, Connect, and Retain London’s 20 to 44 year old demographic.


To keep London’s next generation of talent engaged, here, and leading.

Our Leadership

Emerging Leaders is governed by a board of directors that represents both the diversity and the immense talent in our membership and in the larger London community. These members are:

  • Tyler Sutton, Senior Research Analyst, Public Sector Digest (President)
  • Eamon O’Flynn, Public Relations Coordinator, 3M Canada (Vice-President) 
  • Nicholas Klisht, Manager, North America IVR & Call Routing TD Bank Financial Group (Secretary)
  • Lee Tessmer, Senior Staff Accountant, Collins Barrow KMD LLP, (Treasurer)
  • Marty Levesque, Rector, St Andrew Memorial Anglican Church
  • Ryan McElroy, CEO and Founder, 212 by design group of companies
  • Maria Sanchez-Keanne, Principal Consultant, Centre for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Glen Pearson, Co-Director, London Food Bank
  • Justin Ogglesby, Associate Digital Media Director, Hall & Associates
  • Joel Adams, Owner, Hacker Studios
  • Kelly Nugent, Branch Manager, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Elaine Gamble, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at Fanshawe College

Our Founders

Emerging Leaders began in 2006 as a grassroots initiative, with support from TechAlliance, Fanshawe College, and the City of London, and led by a dedicated volunteer Steering Committee comprised of diverse members from the target demographic as follows:

  • Lindsay Sage, Partner, Marketing Consultant, sageComm (co-chair) *
  • Jeff Sage, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Fanshawe College (co-chair) *
  • Joel Adams, Director, Western Research Parks
  • Jamie Bruce, Business Development Manager, Robarts Research Institute
  • Allison Graham, Principal, Elevate
  • Sunil Godse, Principal, Godse Management Inc.
  • Ben Jackson, Director, Sales and Marketing, Voices.com
  • Andrew McClenaghan, Principal/Owner, Echidna Solutions Corp. *
  • Roxanne McClenaghan, Manager of Communications & Donor Relations, London Community Foundation
  • Anthea Rowe, Assoc. Director of Communications, Robarts Research Institute
  • Jodi Simpson, Director of Programs & Member Relations, TechAlliance *
  • Lee Smithson, General Manager, The Stiller Centre
  • Brian Spencer, President, StreamingDigitalMedia dot Com
  • Marcia Steyaert, Community Relations Specialist, The University of Western Ontario *
  • Kevin Sullivan, Business Development Manager, Viron Therapeutics Inc.
  • Kadie Ward, Manager, Business Retention, London Economic Development Corp.
  • Katherine Wiggett, President, CityMedia and Independent Artist *

Working Group Chairs

Sustainability Advisory Committee

In 2008, Emerging Leaders undertook a comprehensive sustainability review, led by the following cross-functional and cross-sectoral team:

  • Michael Barr (Chair), Critical Outcome Technologies Inc.
  • Michelle Baldwin, Pillar NonProfit Network
  • Jeff Bennett, ScotiaMcLeod
  • Adam Caplan, web.isod.es and Western University Canada
  • Jamie Crich, Auburn Homes
  • Jeff Harris, Kay Chiropratic and Young Professionals Group (YPG)
  • Chicoung La, Robarts Research Institute
  • Kapil Lakhotia, London Economic Development Group
  • Stephanie Lenz, Deloitte and Touche
  • Joel McLean, Infotech Research Group
  • Kristina Shaw, Miller Thompson LLP
  • Jennifer Wain, The Lashbrook Group
  • John White, The Grand Theatre
  • Kyla Woodcock, KEW Consulting