The Resource and Development Committee
When: TBD
Next Meeting: No Meetings till Chair is appointed
Where: TBD

To apply, please click the Resource and Development Committee App

The Resource and Development Committee is a new committee comprised of the Fund Development and Relationship Building committee. This committee will focus on developing collaborations with existing networking and social groups. It will create opportunities for socializing, networking, and relationship building that establish visibility, connections, and capacity for the organization. The committee will also investigate, cultivate, and secure the resources and attention needed to help Emerging Leaders accomplish its mission.

The Resource and Development Committee will attain these goals by creating and promoting opportunities for emerging leaders to connect in support of personal and professional development, and also to make life in London more exciting, inspiring and fun. In addition,  this group aims to identify and develop strategies, proposals, and other approaches that align with the Mission and Vision of Emerging Leaders in order to generate funds and awareness for the organization.

Programming Committee
When: TBD
Next Meeting: TBD
Where: TBD

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The Programming Committee’s role is to organize professional development opportunities to assist emerging leaders with personal development and career advancement in support of retaining talent within our community. In addition, this committee is also tasked with developing community projects that foster a culture of involvement and investment among emerging leaders through community based action.

The Programming Committee will reach these goals by developing initiatives, programs, and events that educate, advocate, and promote action to improve the community; assist with mobilization of volunteers and project management for Emerging Leaders programming, and by creating opportunities for emerging leaders to learn, grow, and be mentored through mentorship, resource centre, networking, engagement, and other strategies.

Advocacy Committee
When: As needed
Next Meeting: 7pm, January 20th
Where: Fox and Fiddle Pub - Citi Plaza

To apply, please click the Advocacy Committee Application

The Advocacy Committee’s role is to develop multi-dimensional advocacy initiatives to support the work of Emerging Leaders, focusing on supporting emerging leaders to become strong and effective self-advocates for the realization of their own ideas, talents, and potential. In addition to supporting the membership base of Emerging Leaders, the Advocacy Committee will undertake organizational advocacy initiatives on broader community topics and themes of interest to its membership, utilizing member surveys, position papers, presentations, and other tools.

The Advocacy Committee will achieve these objectives by developing surveys, organizing think-tanks, and online discussion groups, as well as researching trends affecting the Emerging Leaders demographic; communicating trends and opinions to community partners, the public, and politicians annually or as needed for timely local issues.